The Church Planting Process

New Churches a New Way

Church planting has changed dramatically over the years. I’m excited about the changes. When I was a fresh church planter back in the late 1980’s to mid-1990’s church planting was the redheaded stepchild in the Baptist family. Church planting pastors were not considered cutting edge nor viewed as “real” pastors in convention life. All that has changed. Church planting is now considered the cutting edge. Church planting is now “cool” if anything in SBC life can be considered cool. It’s been said that the hope and future of Christianity in the United States of America depends on the success of church planting.  That is a dramatic change.

The process of church planting has also made a dramatic change. It has grown up from its early experimental days where now its methods and practices are backed by years of intensive and extensive research. The leaders of the BGCO have invested time, research, prayer and talent into building the best church planting process for new BGCO planters and churches. Our process is composed of discovering planters with high competency and equipping them in the strongest planting model for their context. We discover potential planters, assess them, connect with them, train them, coach them and care for them and their families as they plant. This is our church planting pathway. It’s a pathway for individuals but also for established churches who want to multiply their kingdom efforts with new daughter congregations.

This pathway is dynamic. It is continually growing and improving as culture, technology and society challenge us in spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are ready to start something new; if you are ready to start a new Kingdom outpost for a new day I invite you to take an entry step into a new pathway of discovery. The first step would be to spend 20 minutes taking a “no strings attached” and “no obligation” initial survey to discover if starting a new church is a possibility for you. An exciting new future could just be a click away.

Church Planting

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Jimmy Kinnaird
Specialist and Group Leader
Church Planting Group, BGCO