God uses leaders with a unique combination of spiritual gifting, personality, ability and experience. Are you one of them? Take this brief profile survey and find out if your aptitude and readiness for church planting is similar to other successful church planters. And it is free to Oklahoma Baptists!

  • Quick and easy (online)
  • Personalized report
  • Next Steps Coaching Guide
  • Talk to a Church Planting Strategist confidentially

This Initial Screening Assessment© Assess your readiness in the areas of:

  • Church Planting Experience
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Ministry Experience
  • Relational Evangelism

Here’s how to get your Free Church Planter Profile:

Under the question “Are you working with an agency?” select “Yes-I was asked to complete a profile by a church planting agency.” If it does not automatically select “Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma” select that.

  • There is no charge. It will ask for payment or a code, but you can ignore that and continue since you are taking this under the BGCO. 
  • Take the ISA (initial screening assessment) Not the full. You will also receive a copy.  
  • Questions? Call 405.942.3000 Ext 4389
  • We’ll be praying for you! Call anytime for a confidential consultation with a Church Planting Strategist



Thanks to your generous giving to the Cooperative Program this valuable Church Planter Profile is free.